Hair transplant with fue technique is almost painless procedure. I do all my procedures under local anesthesia with xylocaine and bupivacaine .only the local area is made numb. Process which i use for injecting drug is so painless that most of my clients rate the pain at 2 or 3 on a pain scale (where 0 means no pain and 10 means maximum bearable pain). So we can confidently say its a no risk no pain procedure.

Why hair fall after hair transplant.

why do hair fall after hair transplant ..most of clients of  hair transplant get disturbed after 3 weeks.when they see their transplanted hair falling  .this discussion is regarding why do we experience hairfall after hair transplant. 

Hair when seen microscopically has a unique structure. at the base of each hair follicle we see bunch of blood vessels which are seperate for each hair. Each hair follicle has a set of arteries which bring fresh blood to the follicle and other are veins which take away used blood from the hair follicle.