We at hair transplant in chandigarh are using latest microfine instruments and we have touched the highest levels of comfort in form of time spent during surgery, pain ,discomfort, blood loss , cost and results . results of hair transplant depend upon certain factors like Experience of doctor. Type of machine used. Type of instruments. Time for which grafts remain outside body. Nutrition provided to grafts when they are outside human body. Injury to grafts while extraction of grafts Injury to grafts while plantation. Care after transplant. We at NeoGraft hair transplant clinic use specially designed instruments imported from STI LLC USA. exceptional smoothness of instruments is one of the determinants which determine the frictional damage while extraction.I have personally researched and designed many different extraction drills and punches with lots of papers written about characteristics of extraction process.we use titanium coating over the punches which help in retaining the sharpness for very long time.low quality punches lead to blunting very quickly and after certain level of extraction there is much friction leading to shattered grafts which are injured and resulting hair growth will be poor in form of thin hair and very long time to get results. Sharpness is another important factor. very sharp punch on one end will lead to many damaged cut grafts and on otherside will yield clearly and neatly extracted grafts which have almost no damage which is seen while we do extraction with blunt punch. Our experienced team at neograft hair transplant clinic use very sharp punches and we do almost 1200 extractions per hour with our system. while plantation we use automatic planters. we do not touch the grafts manually at any stage during transplant so there are no chances of any side effects. We use holding solution which has same composition as used while organ transplantation.It assures that the grafts survive efficiently for the time they are outside body. we provide a special after care kit which is used after hair transplant on the grafted area this assures smooth growth of grafts after hair transplant.