Hair Transplant FAQ

Q1. What is/are hair transplant/transplants or hair grafting ?
Ans. Hair transplant is taking out hair from one place where they are in abundance and putting it in bald area .so it is a treatment for hair loss ,baldness .

Q2. What is hair replacement ?
Ans. Hair replacement is anotherway of dealing hair loss, baldness with some artificial stuff like wigs,hair piece or recently tucking some artificial fibers in the scalp skin.

Q3. What is the cost of hair transplant ?
Ans. Hair transplant price varies from clinics to clinics. Best fue  hair transplant  doctors  charge in india /chandigarh @ 35-40 INR (or approx  1 u.s.dollor ) per graft .Average cost/price  of 1 hair comes  out to be  10-12 INR  per hair transplant.

Q4. What is the best hair loss treatment ?
Ans. Till date hair transplant with fue technique is the best  and guaranteed solution for hair  loss.medicines and all other techniques are temporary.nn

Q5. What are the results of hair transplant ,does hair transplant work ?
Ans. Under  best fue hair transplant surgeons  supervision you get best results which are guaranteed.
These days almost all celebrities have undergone hair transplant .to name few salman khan,rithik roshan,amir khan,govinda,cricket stars ,all are going in for hair transplant to maintain their hair lines.

Q6. Is female hair transplant possible ?
Ans. Yes of course, we reduce the size of broad forehead by doing fue hair transplant  in front area.

Q7. Is hair transplant a painful procedure ?
Ans. No fue hair transplant is; a virtually painless procedure.

Q8. Can we do eyebrow hair transplant ?
Ans. Yes we can do eyebrow hair transplant in females if eyebrows are thin or are lost due to some accident or any other reason.

Q9. What is the advantage of choosing New Bloom hair transplant in Chandigarh clinic ?
Ans. New Blooms Clinic is one of the best Hair Transplant clinic in Chandigarh. Hair transplant cost in Chandigarh is very reasonable as compare to USA, Canada and Europe.