Hair Loss

Know About Hair Loss Reasons and Possible Hair Loss Treatments!

We all lose hair everyday. Hair grows for a period of time, usually 2 to 6 years (anagen phase) and then the follicles shed the hair (catagen) and go into a rest stage(telogen) for approximately 3 months, then a new hair growth cycle begins. It is normal to lose between 50 to 150 hairs per day from normal shedding.

It can be a diffuse or a pattern hair loss. Diffuse hair loss or hair loss from all over the scalp is visible in form of thinning of hair all over the scalp .while pattern hair loss is when hair loss is from the temporal side ,bilateral recession Is obvious .this is commonly seen in males as due to unknown reasons the hair follicles present in front and top of head are having a peculiar sensitivity to male hormones .These roots have decreasing blood supply as age advances and finally these roots are converted to small vellous hair or baby hair due to lack of blood supply.

In diffuse pattern hair loss is from all over the head and there is thinning all over .this stage is a treatable stage and can be due to stress or can be due to nutritional  factors or drugs.

Than comes the role of genetics .consider your grand parents and see at what age their  baldness started. This  has a great implication.As genetic factors will show their effect early if aggravated by other other factors.Here comes the importance of investigations .Even a low hemoglobin can lead to diffuse hair loss .

Another very common condition is Telogen effluvium is a slowing of new hair growth resulting from sudden severe stress, followed by  shedding of hair after some time . The stress induces a high proportion of follicles to enter the resting stage, and a few months after the stressful event, all of the resting follicles begin to shed hairs at about the same time.

Most men experience at least some degree of hair loss in their lifetime, with the numbers increasing continuously with age. By their late 20′s, approximately 12% of men experience some hair loss. By the time a man is in his 50′s, he has a greater than 50% chance of displaying some genetic baldness.

The psychological effects of male hair loss vary greatly, with some people barely paying attention to their thinning hair and others being affected so severely that even a small amount of hair loss can limit their ability to feel comfortable in social situations and prevent their normal functioning at work. It is important that those who are having unusual difficulty dealing with their hair loss receive psychological support or counseling as well as medical treatment.

Fortunately, now we have come up with a new protocol for hair loss and revival of sleeping hair follicles HLPTM. This  details of this protocol is discussed in length at some other place.