Medicinal Treatment



Finasteride  is a drug that works by helping prevent the body from converting testosterone into DHT. The drug can be an effective treatment for male pattern baldness on the front and center of the head, but appears to be ineffective for hair loss near the temples. But than it remains the first line of treatment as far as hair loss is concerned. Finasteride when prescribed along with minoxidil and adequate micronutrients we have seen great results with in a period of 3 months .But after getting adequate results you have to maintain those results with small doses which are decided by your  doctor. 


Minoxidil comes in liquid form . Mostly it is applied at night time and about 1-2 ml is applied all over the scalp. It has to be applied in form of solution and is not rubbed over the scalp.Minoxidil leads to increased blood supply around the follicles and prevents thinning of the follicles .You can also see small hair follicles growing back to thick hairs .But this effect needs around one year continuous treatment. One side effect which is evident with minoxidil is,that it leads to excessive drying and roughness of hair .which can be easily taken care with applying some coconut oil. It also leads to interference with blood pressure levels and if you are already taking some medicine for blood pressure than always talk first to your doctor.  

Traditional indian treatments now validated

Methi (fenugreek): Oral intake of green leaves of fenugreek have shown that