Surgical Treatment

Concepts in hair transplant: Permanent vs Non Permanent hair

Hair on front and top of head are different from the hair on back of head. Hair on front and top have a special receptor(a kind of small tag) on the follicles.These are dht receptors (dht is Dihydrotestosterone )these receptors than attract dihydrotestosterone (converted form of male hormone ).Once the hormone is attached to receptor it leads to decreased blood supply of that follicle .This leads to eventual miniaturization (thinning)of the follicle and finally a fibrosed or dead follicle.


Here comes the role of medicines .DHT blockers as already discussed (finasteride)blocks the conversion of testosterone to dht and finally prevents its action on hair root.

Hair Transplant Surgical Treatment

Hair on the back are resistant to shedding because they lack DHT receptors and do not fall by action of our aim remains to redistribute these very hair to front and top bald areas of head. These hair they grow as they use to grow on back of the head.

Hair Transplantation Methods:

Strip method :

Either we take a strip from back of head and then under the microscope or magnification separate  each hair from that strip.Than those hair are transplanted in frontal area.


Follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.):

In this technique we take out single root and transplant the same in recipient area.Each root has different number of hair .like it can vary from 1-5.& F.u.e; technique has an advantage that there is no scar visible after surgery and one can keep very short hair. While in strip surgery there is a small visible scar and one has to keep hair long so that scar remains covered. 
Modified f.u.e-this is a new innovation in field of hair transplant which is developed by top most surgeons of world With this technique advantage is that chances of survival of transplanted hair is almost 100 %.So this is value for money.